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Water Update

We are excited to update you on our goal to provide safe water access to the Mwandi hospital community. In March 2019, the Mwandi Hospital American Partners (MHAP) along with Global Giving helped to raise funds to provide clean water to the Mwandi Hospital, which serves many people in Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia.

The previous system was a series of leaky, steel pipes that were first installed in the 1930’s and water pumps that needed to run 24 hours per day to overcome the leaks and redundancies in the system. These steel pipes delivered the un-sterile water pumped from the Zambezi River to the hospital. Also, the failing water pumps meant higher costs to the hospital. Local workers dug diligently to scavenge the old steel piping and replace it with brand new PVC piping.

We are excited that new water tanks have been shipped in and are ready for installation! Four large reservoirs will sit on steel pedestals and will be able to hold enough water for two days of continuous use by the hospital and staff housing. Our engineers have designed the pedestals, which will elevate the tanks so that water can be provided passively to the hospital. The UV light purification system will be installed once tanks have been installed on the pedestals


Safe water is a basic right for all human beings. We at MHAP are so thankful for the contributions of so many people to help make this vision a reality. We are also thankful for Global Giving to provide us a platform to allow our voice to be heard! If you are interested in donating to this project or another one of our projects with Global Giving please click here.

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