Mwandi Hospital
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2019 Mwandi Project Report

Catch up on all of the great projects and progress we made over this year!

Global Giving Update

We are excited to update our supporters about the progress we have made in our goal to provide clean, efficient water to Mwandi Hospital! Click the link to learn more and see pictures!

New tanks coming in!

Clean water

Consistent, clean water is essential to the function of any health care facility. Disintegrating piping and failing pumps has jeopardized the quality of the water at Mwandi Hospital and the American Partners are committed to provided clean water by 2020. 

Solar Energy

Rising energy costs and rolling black outs lead to a search for consistent, sustainable source of electricity. Phase 1 of the solar energy project is now complete! Learn more about how we have been able to significantly reduce our energy consumption, reduce hospital operating costs, and reduce our carbon footprint

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