Mission History

The Mwandi Mission began with a focus on delivering health and spiritual care to the Western Province of Zambia with the establishment of a church and hospital. In the plains of the Zambezi, in the west of the country, the Paris Mission, with the active participation of people from Lesotho, had started work in 1885. The […]

Mwandi Community

Village of Mwandi

The United Church of Zambia Mwandi Mission Hospital is located in the village of Mwandi, midway between Livingstone and Sesheke, in the southwest corner of Zambia. The environment is harsh lying on the edge of the Kalihari Desert. Mwandi would indeed be a desert if not for the Zambezi River. As it is, the Lozi […]

Hospital Needs

Hospital sign

Financial support for the hospital is limited. UCZ contributes a modest amount of support by providing a hospital administrator and a minister.  Limited funds for the hospital come from the Church Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ), Catholic Relief Services, and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The American Partner Trustees are a fund-raising […]